1999 Index

1999 NG Index

Currently the oldest thing we have here! Thanks to maxvanderkamp for finding it! Music autoplays.
NG BBS 2001

NG BBS 2001

This is a the "old bbs" circa 2001. Links on this will work, and lead to's page for that link. I did edit the files to make them work, and stop the popups. Note that the General section is saved here locally so click that.
2001 Index

2001 Index

Warning: Contains FRAMES!!
2001 Index no frames

2001 Index sans frames

Tom wised up and dumped the frames. 9/11 had just happened so why not check out what Tom had to say.
2001 Portal

2001 Flash Portal

This page is missing a few things, if you can find them post them on the BBS!
index 03

Late 2003 Index

Halloween logo included! No real changes, just some removal of code, one image fix and one image "re-find." All in all, an easy fix. Most links will work but most (all) go to
2004 Portal

2004 Flash Portal

A full backup of the 04 Flash Portal adult ads and all! All links will take you to the page on
2005 Poratl

2005 Flash Portal

Oh boy! This was a huge mess when I got it. All the background images were dead. I had to pull all of them back together by cutting them out of screenshots I had lying around. Two days went into rebuilding this page. The backgrounds to the recent entries were especially annoying to get back, I had to go in and remove all the text that was over them in the screenshots, sometimes pixel by pixel! I hope you enjoy it. Background taken from the NG log and edited it to allow for 15 px top section.
index 05

2005 Index

Now with an abundance of Tom!

Sticker order page

Back in the day, stickers were not ordered online. Instead you had to send NG an envelope with a second envelope inside it with the required postage (give by niffty chart) and some money to cover the "production costs." It would take quite a bit of time for them to get around to sending them back out, in fact, it took my last order a few months!
Production Costs

Production Costs

This is what was used to explain what the $1 you sent NG went for when you wanted stickers. Yes, $1 used to get you 5 stickers. Also, thanks to BigFuzzyKitten for finding the page on
NG BBS 2007

NG BBS 2007

This is a backup of the BBS as it was the day of the redesign. Only one link will get you somewhere. Click General to see the General section of the old BBS.
Sub: General
 07 index

2007 Index

Painstakingly put back together by TheBaldy.
07 AP

2007 Audio Portal

I think I saved this the day of the redesign, but I don't know. I'm sorry about the little "player" thing not playing music, but it loaded the music externally and I clearly don't have the files. Maybe one day I'll try and recreate them...
Deposit 2007


Back in the day, experience was not deposited automatically. When users would click the link to deposit, this is the page they would then see.
Redesign Placeholder

Redesign Placeholder

This is what thousands of people saw for the day and a half (or so) that NG was down, I think it was liljim that pointed that out at some point...This was also put up at any other forgotten times the site underwent maintenance. The only editing I did was removing the one ad that was there, Tom told Wade that that one ad was making more money than any ad placed on the site (paltalk). Those damn welders...


April 1 2009: Single greatest prank pulled by the NG team. The only other one that comes close is the McDonalds buy out of 2004.
Sub: working on it
2007 - 2012 Index

2007 - 2012 Index

It's odd seeing the main page of NG without the side ads isn't it?
2007 - 2012 BBS General

2007 - 2012 BBS General

The BBS in it's former glory. You might want to see if you can find an angry topic!
2007 - 2012 Flash Portal

2007 - 2012 Flash Portal

Just a heads up: icons are still being pulled from NG.
2007 - 2012 Levels

2007 - 2012 Levels Page

Feel free to change the auras of the levels! Level exp requirements are from 1/9/2012
Sub: Blam and Protect Badges

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