08/29/15 02:32 am
Posted by: AksumkA  
Killed it all.

Old apache file is NG with Nginx. I don't know if I should care to fix this site.

Let me know if you want it fixed.
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11/30/12 01:32 am
Small update (OMG NO WAY)
Posted by: AksumkA  
If you haven't seen it, please take a look at this thread. We need help!

Tonight I spent a bit of time actually being useful here!
- Found a problem and fixed it

- Background for the totals on the bottom
- Text inputs missing the background image

- Merged Icons
- Added Skins
- Added Robot Day

Wow! That's a ton! I'll be working on getting the skins and robot day pages made either later tonight or sometime soon. I still have a ton to fix in the full page archive...
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09/27/12 05:39 am
A Call to Arms
Posted by: AksumkA  
Browsing the super secret mod section here I found a post I made way back in January. Basically it's a list of stuff we need added/modified. I'd like to see these things done before I drop of NG and the NGA completely, so I'm opening up applications or sorts. If you feel like you are able to help us, drop me a PM either here or back at NG (or on Steam, or Email me, or whatever other method you'd like), and let me know if you're up for it.

Pages Needed:
- Robot day
- Art portal (launch/associated images)
- Chinagrounds' own page (level icon/word censors/misc imgs)
- Main Contributors (no longer friends)
- SWF sub pages

Add/Modify Current Pages
- Clockday: links to that year's collection, random screen shots
- April fools: more info about each year (word censors, what happened), more images (bacon stuff for example)
- Pico day: links to collections, screen shots?
- Tank awards: links to yearly results (ng wiki?)
- Madness day: screen shots?
- Random links: fix broken links, add friend links (ng log)
- FLAs: There is just no way we don't have more than that. Make screen shots of each one?

I'd also like to see if we can go a few more years back on some of the pages. For example, we have some content for april fools going back to 04. If we can pull up more info on those I'd love to be able to add more to the page.

Site wide link fixes
More fails on my part. Just  a few minutes of  actually using the site and I found a ton of dead links! Wow!
If you come across a dead link, or something broken (50% of the shit in the full page archive), let me know here so I can add it to the list of shit I need to fix!
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09/04/12 04:43 am
Shit's been like busted all this time
Posted by: AksumkA  

Whelp I fail.

Fail hard.

I'll have these pages fixed this week.


: mad for not checking this shit himself....
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08/26/12 07:01 pm
AK's 9th NG Birthday
Posted by: AksumkA  

I'd like to push some sort of update to the NGA as a way to "celebrate." Problem is, I don't know what else to update right now. I know the logo's page is in desperate need of an update and a rework, but we have yet to figure out what exactly to do with it. Other than that, I'm kinda out of shit to add to the site.

Let us know if you have something that could be added or have an idea of something that we should hunt down and add.
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