There are things that even I can not find from the old NG. And if I can't find them, then most people also can't find them, unless they have them saved.
Since I can't find them, I am making this list open to anyone who wants to take a look. If you have something on this list, please tell me and/ or post it on the bbs! Some items will have rewards attached (old school stickers?) so that might serve as a good motivating factor.

- Last online record *
- "So, are we sill friends?" topic images.
- Nudegrounds flash animated introduction (as per request)*
- 2003 - 2004 layout elements (background images and stuff like that). Screen shots will work (if they don't suck).
- 2004 april fools anything (that I don't have)!**

* much respect
** rewards sexual favors, of many kinds

If you have any questions about anything here, feel free to ask them here!

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