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Posted at: 4/1/09 01:59 AM


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Hey guys!

Many of you have noticed collective big change around here: We've been unblocked by China!

For months now we've been lobbying Chinese government officials to allow collective site to be viewed by Chinese citizens. It was long process, and began over year ago when we talked with Google about what concessions they had to make in order to make their site accessible. So after year of negotiating and more months of planning, here we are! As you can see, we've skinned site in honor of this momentous agreement with Chinese government.

I'm sure lots of you are wondering why we even bother with China at all. Well, as of January 2009 China represents 298 million people with web access. If one tenth of one percent of them visited here each month, we'd have 298,000 more visitors. If just 1% of those new visitors bought t-shirts, we're looking at 2,980 sales and an additional $59,600 in monthly revenue. These numbers are too big to ignore any longer, especially when Americants can't afford shirts and collective country is one trillion dollars in debt to China! Good news is, these shirts are U.S. made so there is job creation going on.

Anyway, we DID have to make several concessions to some higher-ups, but nothing more drastic than anything Google had to do when it launched there. They were only tiny changes, and truthfully you won't notice any difference at all.

Now, help me welcome collective new Chinese neighbors to collective community!

And now, I leave you with following required viewing!