Here at the Newgrounds Archive, we aim to preserve the old NG. Whether it be in the form of images, swf files or whatever, we hope to have it here for you to enjoy and look back at.

Currently the site is maintained by Aksumka. But, we have many contributors in the BBS, who also contribute often.

Here are some questions I think some of you might be asking yourself as you visit the site because you don't have the balls to ask me:

Q: What is the point of this?
A: I and a bunch of other NG users like to look back at the old NG, so here it is!

Q: Well, why, we have
A: Correction: You did have, now just about every page is broken for NG.

Q: If you want this site to be like the old NG, why not just use the old layout?
A: If I wanted to use the old layout, I would have. I made the layout because I don't like the idea of just using old NG's layout.

Q: You have a date or year wrong! You must suck!
A: No, you suck for not telling me!

Q: Why are you talking to yourself here?
A: Because I feel like doing something with this page, that's why!

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